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Picket Fence Thickener

For over 30 years JK Fabrications Ltd have been Designing, Manufacturing, Installing and Commissioning Picket Fence Thickeners (PFTs) for the wastewater industry throughout the UK and Ireland. Our thickeners have been installed for operation at potable water treatment plants and wastewater works, for which the process conditions can be particularly difficult. These projects have included the design, manufacture and installation of bridges ranging in lengths from 1.5 meters to 20 meters. These thickener plants have been fabricated from a range of materials, including stainless steel and galvanised and/or painted mild steel.

For Our Clients piece of mind, we Design all Picket Fence Thickeners (PFTs) to the relevant British Standards and Wimes standards as well as the Client's own, on site requirements.

Product Features

  • Full overhead gantry bridge mounted either on the tank wall or on externally located supports.
  • Mesh Flooring Walkway with Suitable Handrails and Toe Plates.
  • Thickening action achieved by rotating gates with vertical pales, fixed to central shaft.
  • Immersed steelwork in galvanised mild steel with epoxy paint coating as standard, other materials, such as stainless steel available on request.
  • Durable scraper blades (Draw able scrapers available)
  • Range of materials available for diffuser drum and launder construction.
  • Supply and installation of glass-lined steel tanks available on request.
  • GRP tank covers available as an option.
  • Options available for side-wall scrapers, park positioning, tank access equipment, launder channel brushes and launder washing.
  • Emergency stop and circuit breakers included
  • Automatic Sensor for Directional Drive
  • Refurbishment service available for existing installations.

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