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Expanded Bed Biofilm Reactor (EBBR)

The Expanded Bed Biofilm Reactor (EBBR) is a new, tertiary nitrification process with collateral removal of  suspended solids, carbonaceous BOD and bacteria. It is a single- step, biological treatment process that produces a treated effluent of excellent quality for meeting environmental agency requirements and enhanced protection of the aquatic environment.

The EBBR plant can be designed to sit the clients requirements for both flow rate and effluent removal. As the EBBR is modular technology it is flexible to suit most applications of tertiary treatment. The EBBR plant can also be installed in existing wastewater treatment plants to improve the quality of the final effluent to meet the regulatory requirements.

Process Description

The Expanded Bed Biofilm Reactor (EBBR) is a low cost, high rate, continuous process for the nitrification of sludge filtrate, which is based on expanded bed technology. An expanded bed is formed when liquid is passed up through a bed of particles at a rate such that the upward drag force exceeds the gravitational force and the particles become suspended in liquid flow. Suspension of particles causes of the bed to expand, thus occupying a larger volume, which is proportional to the drag force and therefore, the upflow velocity.


  • Ammonia
  • Carbonaceous (CBOD)
  • Suspended Solids
  • Bacteria and other micro - organisms


  • Replaces SAFs or NTFs plus sand filter
  • Chemical - free process
  • Fully automatic yet simple
  • Only, moving parts are pumps, compressor, airflow and fail-safe valves
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Excellent - quality treated - effluent
  • Low Operating Costs
  • No backwashing requirements for EBBR
  • EBBR units are wired, piped and commissioned prior to delivery, there by only requiring connections to power and site pipework thus minimising on - site requirement

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